Why BulkGo

  1. Simple & Uncluttered Interface
    Our focus is on keeping things as simple as possible.
  2. Cost effective
    Costs 10 times lesser than most email marketing or newsletter providers.
  3. Reliable
    Runs on Amazon's state-of-the-art infrastructure, thus ensuring reliability.
  4. Useful Reports
    See how many mails were opened, how many bounced, how many marked as spam, countries where the mails were opened etc.
  5. Scheduled Campaigns
    Create, Schedule and Forget.
  6. Send Attachments
    Send small attachments to your subscribers.
  7. Personalize Each Email
    Add that personal touch to each mail. Address your subscribers by their names or add additional custom fields.
  8. Setup Autoresponders
    Send automated mails when someone subscribes or run drip email campaigns.

Email has an ability that many channels dont have. Creating valuable and personal touches – at scale

Sending mass email or newsletters is a major hassle. As the number of subscribers increase, the campaign cost increases along with it. Added to this is the problem of reliability. To ensure that your emails do not land into Spam folder is a battle in itself. And then finding useful metrics and reports on each campaign sent ... as we said, email marketing is a hassle. It doesn't have to be.

BulkGo aims to solve your bulk email problem.

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